Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not on the following list, just contact us for a chat.

Do we need to have an HR Department to manage OrgView?

No you don’t. You might be a small business without the need for an HR Department yet, or you might be a growing business. Either way, OrgView is simple to manage. We’ve designed OrgView to be exactly that and OrgView does not need HR Knowledge or IT skills to manage.

How long does it take to set up OrgView and what is the process?

Not long, but it depends upon the state of the data, location of the data and complexity in extracting the required data. Like any system implementation, it’s got to be a structured approach with you having a clear understanding of where your data is; how you want to present your data; and who should see the data. From there, it requires a few ‘once-off’ set-up processes and then you’re up and going. We have a number of templates that will help you start the whole process. Please contact us so we can chat about your set up and then we can give you a better idea.

Do you provide an HR Consulting service?

We do not provide HR consulting services, however we have worked with a number of HR specialists in developing OrgView and are happy to refer you to our partners.

I don’t have the resources to set up OrgView, can you do it for us?

Absolutely, we’re happy to help you set OrgView up, but we would like to train you up so you can manage your OrgView going forward.

We’re not based in Western Australia, are you still able to help us?

Yes, we can help. We have worked with and supported clients from all over Australia, South-East Asia, Africa and USA. We can easily jump on a plane to start the process but we can also do all the setup and support remotely.

If I have an HR system or cloud-based systems, can you interface with them?

Yes we can interface with any system if they have the appropriate connections. This would be a small engagement but contact us so we can chat about your setup.

Can OrgView update data if we have a system already?

Yes we can update other systems if they have the appropriate connections. This would be a small engagement but contact us so we can chat about your setup and requirements.

How secure is my data?

Security of your data is an absolute focus for OrgView. We have adopted the very secure Amazon’s EC2 Cloud Infrastructure with data stored within an encrypted database on a virtual private server in Amazon’s data center. We have setup multiple layers of security to make sure your data is safe: Physical security, Data Encryption, SSL Encryption and User-based security. If you have any more technical questions, contact us to chat more.

Can I restrict access to my data within my company?

Yes you can. This is a very important aspect as access to all data and functionality in OrgView is managed by the Role Based administration. Using the system’s internal security controls, you decide who gets access.

What support do you provide?

Support for OrgView is available via email and phone or directly from the partner that set-up and configured OrgView at the start. At present, phone support is only available during local business hours in Australia and is provided in English only. All support issues will be acknowledged and will be managed based on criticality and severity. As our client-community grows to other countries, we will set up a ‘Follow-the-Sun’ support agreement.

Can I become a partner or reseller of OrgView?

Yes, if you have the same values as us, we’d be very happy to have a chat. Contact us to have a chat about your business, and our training process.

How much does OrgView cost?

The best thing is to contact us so we can understand your requirements and to give you an exact monthly subscription fee.

What is the minimum period I can subscribe to OrgView?

The minimum period is 12 months.

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