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The Partner Program at OrgView is designed to be a ‘win-win’ for all parties.
OrgView recognises the value that our existing partnerships deliver.
OrgView has worked hard to deliver the functionality, integration and cost effective business solutions that businesses need and together with our Partners we can deliver the Total Solution.

The OrgView Partner Program is designed to attract like minded businesses and individuals who recognise that an integrated HR solution is a business imperative in today’s challenging workplace. The benefits that the Partner Program will bring to you are measurable:

  • Delivering a long-term revenue stream,
  • Having a ‘point of difference’ by adding a complementary product that increases your value added to your clients,
  • Broadening your market penetration to all sizes and types of businesses across different industries,
  • Reinforcing your relationships with your clients,
  • Networking with the OrgView Partner Community to build your knowledge base.

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Supplementing the current OrgView Business Development and Sales Team, the program has:


HR and Business Improvement professionals that can undertake the complete implementation of OrgView for thier clients or those provided by the OrgView BD team.


HR professionals that OrgView can call on to assist the Integration team to establish and build the HR capability for clients that do not have the resources or capability


This reseller & referrer program will develop scalable distribution channels.

If you have the same values as us, we want to be part of your team

Enabling our Partners

The Partner Program at OrgView is designed to be a ‘win-win’ for all parties.

Zero fees to join the OrgView Partner Program


No Membership fees to join the OrgView Partner Program.

All manner of training offered at no cost


We will train you and your team when you need it.

Access to OrgView in the Cloud


Partners will have access to OrgView in the Cloud for demos. Integration Partners will have access to their client systems 24-7.

In-depth training to integrate OrgView for clients


Integration Partners will receive in-depth training on how to analyse client requirements and how to fully configure OrgView.

OrgView support when you need it


You will have access to the OrgView Support Team when you need them.

OrgView Knowledge Base on hand


You will have access to the specific resources & Knowledge Base to assist with the sales process & ongoing management of clients.

Regular meetings to see how things are going


We will have regular meetings with you to discuss any aspect of working with OrgView.

Regular updates on what is happening at OrgView


All Partners will receive regular updates on any new developments or relevant information.

OrgView Partners

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HR Lead Consulting
Intelligence Management
HR Consulting Perth


HR Lead Consulting are strategy, system, process and people specialists with a network of proven, high performing consultants who are dedicated to improving overall business outcomes through smart technology and leading practices.


Intelligence Management is a multi-disciplinary management consulting firm providing strategy, human resource management, technology, performance management and healthcare management services. The consultant firm was formed in Toronto, Canada, and has incorporated its business in Middle East and Australia.


“RAW Human Resources are a complete package of knowledge, skill and passion…”

Dealing with human resource issues and complying with regulations is an essential part of running a business, but it can seem overwhelming and time-consuming.

We help small and medium-sized businesses by taking care of these issues, so you can spend more time doing what you love. Our knowledgeable and approachable team provide professional advice tailored to your business, so you get the help you need and peace of mind.


Outcrop Consulting advises on and implements learning and talent management systems in the Asia/Pacific region for both enterprise and SMB clients. From discovering client requirements through to recommending/implementing systems and learning content, Outcrop converses in a language that your HR/L&D colleagues will understand.

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