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Our Case Studies give you an insight into how we have helped our clients over many years. Review these case studies and if you are in need of consultants that can deliver high quality reporting solutions and professional business consulting services, please contact us to see how we can assist you.


Most of an organisation’s HR data is generally stored in multiple data sources – ERPs, Payroll Systems, HRMS, standalone Applications, Excel, PDF documents, people’s heads, etc. Being able to present to the business, people data and information, from all the data sources quickly, consistently and in a secure manner, is a common requirement yet most organisations struggle to deliver this capability to the business. Cooling Brothers looked to OrgView to address this challenge.

OrgView HR Optimisaton for Cooling Brothers


Review our Blogs and if something jumps out at you – please contact us to see how we can assist you.

Compliant Workforce with OrgView

Non-compliant workforce – are you sure your people have all the compliances?

Are you a business leader who often asks yourself?
• Do the people in my organisation hold the required compliances and competencies?
• As an organisation trying to do more with less, how do I ensure my people are compliant?
• What would the impact be on our organisation if we had gaps in our compliances and/or competencies?

HR Optimisation with OrgView

HR Optimisation – more tasks with less people

Do you often get dragged away from the strategic value-creating HR work, to undertake simple ‘people information’ task?
Is your HR team tied up with distracting tasks such as providing basic people information to line-management?

Talent Management with OrgView

Talent Management – how do you identify the best and ones that need training

Do you think that your organisation knows what capability the workforce has? If you had to mobilise a new project team quickly or staff a business-unit in a new or emerging market quickly, would you have that information readily available?

Workforce Optimisation with OrgView

Workforce Optimisation – How would your organisation stack-up?

How and where does your organisation store its workforce information? Are you one of many managers, in many organisations that spend 11% – 15% of their day trawling through databases, electronic documents, excel spreadsheets or sheets of paper in an attempt to find ‘people information’ to enable informed workforce capability decisions?

Organisation Charts with OrgView

Organisation Chart Management – Current gaps, demands and trends

The demands of a modern day organisational charting tool are growing in line with the growth in technological advancements within the workplace. Not content with the basic ‘boxes and lines’ solution HR practitioners are seeking a tool that aligns with business needs. It’s about doing things smarter!

This whitepaper published by Pauline Tarrant from Pauline Tarrant Consulting sheds light on the current gaps, demands and trends.

Established in 2013 Pauline Tarrant (HR Consulting) serves clients in Western Australia and beyond including IKEA, WA Football Commission, Public Transport Authority, Guide Dogs WA, Charles Kendall Australia, People Who Care, Helping Minds, Baptistcare, SevenTwenty, Mates in Construction and more.

Smarter Recruitment with OrgView

Recruitment – 5 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Recruitment!

Most people are aware of the costs their business faces on a daily basis, but did you know that recruitment may be one of your largest unforeseen expenses?

This blog outlines simple ways to reduce the cost of recruitment.

Leave Management with OrgView

Leave Management – 7 factors you may not have considered!

Leave management is a major challenge for employers, employees, managers and HR; and is encountered on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter the size of the business, if not handled correctly, leave management can be a costly and laborious process.

This blog outlines some points that may not always be considered.

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