Workforce Optimisation – How would your organisation stack-up?

  • How and where does your organisation store its workforce information?
  • Are you one of many managers, in many organisations that spend 11% – 15% of their day trawling through databases, electronic documents, excel spreadsheets or sheets of paper in an attempt to find ‘people information’ to enable informed workforce capability decisions?
  • Are your systems and applications requiring double-entry of data or capturing the same information multiple times? Is this information up to date?
  • Are you one of many managers who creates excel spreadsheet to manipulate ‘people data’ into something useful? Is this really what you should be doing in your role?

Provide Information for decision makers immediately with OrgView

Wouldn’t it be nice to have this information intuitively and readily available with visual reporting to be able to make real-time and proactive decisions?

Think of the time that you would save if you didn’t have to do all that trawling. What would you do with that time?

Would you use it to spend more time coaching and developing your team? Or perhaps spending more time and energy in activities such as strategic planning or operational analysis as was the original intention of why you were employed as a manager/leader in the first place?

If you work in HR, imagine if the you and your organisational leaders could access accurate and current workforce information easily. Would that ‘free-up’ some of your time to devote to more important organisational matters?

Is your organisation wasting valuable time and $$$ by having leaders/managers undertake administrative tasks that take them away from their core functions?

Every organisation needs it leaders, managers and HR teams to have access to accurate and current ‘people information’, so that they can make informed decisions and undertake their core functions.

Many organisations are floundering and failing in the area of ‘workforce optimisation’ and undermining their ‘people capability’ because they can’t manage their ‘people information’ effectively or efficiently.

Don’t let your organisation be one of these…

Far Data Solutions have been working with HR specialists and business people to understand the challenges and have created OrgView, a cost-effective yet powerful cloud based solution that is easy to set up and gives instant visibility of your workforce information, allowing HR to do the more value-creating work.

The Author

Stuart Jenner (MBA, BSc, Grad Dip Mgmt, FAIM)

Stuart Jenner is an Executive HR Professional who has worked across numerous industries including retail, government, defence, mining, construction, education and health.

Stuart specialises in leadership development, talent management, organisational learning & development and coaching to assist organisations to maximise the effectiveness of their ‘People Capability’ to contribute to delivery of their organisational strategy.

Stuart presents both nationally and internationally on talent management and leadership.

Stuart is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.

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