Do You Really Know Your Organisations “People Capability” and What Talent You Have?

  • Do you think that your organisation knows what capability the workforce has?
  • If you had to mobilise a new project team quickly or staff a business-unit in a new or emerging market quickly, would you have that information readily available? And when I say ‘readily available’, I mean, within a few clicks and ‘Voila’ there it is.
  • What would it mean to your organisation, if this information could be sourced directly by your leaders and managers, without needing to come to HR?
  • Would that make your organisation more agile and more responsive to respond to market needs in the hypercompetitive business world that we find ourselves in today?

Managing your Talent with OrgView

Would it surprise you to know that many organisations cannot access this data quickly or accurately, resulting in delays that cost many organisations obtaining new business or retaining existing clients?

So let me ask you again. How mature is your organisation and its systems in this area of knowing your organisations People Capability?

So let’s take this scenario, where one of your competitors has been under-performing on a project through poor workforce-capability practices and has been deploying personnel that are deficient in the requirements for the positions on that project. They just don’t meet the compliances, qualifications and/or soft-skills required.

Your organisation has been approached to send in a team (as a trial), to basically see if your organisation can perform better.

So this is it. Your ‘one and only shot’.

Could you access the information of your ‘true’ people capability quickly and select the best team to deploy to that project?

Do your HR systems and applications allow you to readily manage not only your compliances and competencies, but the actual proficiency levels of those compliances and competencies?

Can you quickly and clearly see who to deploy to the project to ensure a high-performing-team?

What about the impact of moving that team out of their existing positions? Do you have people in your organisation who can backfill those positions and what impact would that have on your organisations? Can you quickly and easily identify this?

Many organisations do not have access to this analytics and information in a quick and easy manner. Your organisation needs this information to be readily available to ensure that you can maintain competitive advantage and have your ‘best people’ in the ‘right roles’, doing the ‘right work’ at the ’right time’. If this is a challenge for your organisation, then you had better resolve it before your competitors do…

OrgView have been working with HR specialists and business people to understand the challenges and have created OrgView, a cost-effective yet powerful cloud based solution that is easy to set up and gives instant visibility of your workforce information, allowing HR to do the more value-creating work.

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