OrgView delivers Talent management for small to big companies

Manage your people – because people matter

When you need information about your people, it’s there. Know who your people are, and understand your business talent.

Workforce compliant - eliminate Excel and clutter

Transform HR and compliance

You can be sure that your workforce is compliant and appropriately skilled. Know what you have, and what you need.

Save time, save resources, save money

Save time, save resources, save money

All your people information in one low-cost, cloud-based system. Get back to meeting strategic goals, not searching for information.

Enhance your organisation’s culture

Enhance your organisation’s culture

Truly understand your people – their entire career is at your fingertips. Utilise your workforce better, and they’ll feel happier, engaged and valued.

a simple yet powerful and intelligent HR solution for managing people information

What OrgView Delivers

Leave management
Talent management  
Compliant workforce  
Increase productivity  
Transform HR  
Up to date organisation chart  
Manage your teams  
Centralised data  
Visible and simple  
Low monthly fee  

Totally eliminate the manual processing of all leave

OrgView Leave Management delivers the complete functionality to make the leave process seamless and painless.

Configure any leave type with entitlement accruals and approval policies.

Eliminate paperwork and continual requests from employees to determine leave balances. Requests are automatically routed to the manager for approval – at a click.

Provide Managers with an instant view of leave details for their department without having to request details from HR or Payroll.

OrgView provides a comprehensive yet simple solution for managing Leave with amazing instant reporting

Know who your people are – understand your business talent

OrgView captures all skills and compliances for your people. Their entire career is at your fingertips.

Upload relevant documents related to skills and compliances. Everything is in one place.

Record performance, identify skills gaps, grow your people.

Empower resourcing decisions – know what you have and what you need.

OrgView provides a simple yet powerful means for you to capture skills of your people and positions with amazing instant reporting

Your HR team can now focus on strategy and outcomes

Your people information will be up to date and all in one place.

No more time wasted sourcing data needed by the business.

OrgView allows your HR team to return to productive, value-creating HR output.

HR Optimisation

Be sure your workforce is compliant and appropriately skilled

On any day, you will know if anyone in your workforce is non-compliant.

OrgView provides a simple solution for compliance recording and alert notifications.

Manage OHS Compliances

One system for all your people information

No longer will you spend an average of 15% of your day searching for information.

OrgView provides an advanced search capability across people, positions and teams.

Get back to meeting strategic goals. Make your job easier – get on with other things.

Workforce optimsation to reduce costs

Know who’s who – every day

Organisation charts are almost never up to date.

OrgView delivers real-time automated organisation charting.

Your people can see who’s who. Enhance your culture. Integrate new starters.”.

Automated Organisation Chart

Your people information is all in one place

Eliminate the pain of messy information. You can ditch those spreadsheets!

OrgView’ secure, configurable and easy to use data entry forms capture everything you need to know about your people and positions.

You don’t need to manage multiple sources. Reduce licence costs.

Data and information in one place

Get to know your people and how they work together

Who is your current First Aid Officer; who’s on the Disaster Recovery Team; and do we have a car-pooling group?

OrgView provides a simple and effective way to get to know your teams.

Data and information in one place

Connects People & Teams

Builds a culture of getting to know your people

As your business grows, you start to lose contact with your people. Most companies want to have an open culture – OrgView is your view into your organisation,

Building the right culture

Suitable for both large and small organisations

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 people, OrgView works for you, and will grow with you.

Capturing your whole community, OrgView is also ideal for NFPs which may have a small number of employees but many volunteers.

Scalable for all types of businesses

Safe, secure data, available only to those who need it

Comprehensive administration functions allow you to show only the data your people need.

OrgView uses the highest levels of role based security such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and enforced strong passwords.

Data and information in one place

Low-cost, cloud-based HR solution

Simple monthly subscription fee – no capital expense.

Every month, know that your people data is being managed without the infrastructure hassle; backups; updates and the rest.

No hardware set-up or infrastructure hassles – no backups, updates or high running costs. However, we can provide an on-premise solution if you prefer.

Data and information in one place

Clear, fast, intuitive and easy to use

OrgView has been designed with simplicity in mind. Your staff can hit the ground running.

Its highly visual presentation engages users, with minimal training required.

OrgView includes a video help library to demonstrate each feature.

Data and information in one place

“OrgView has become our HR System eliminating countless spreadsheets and manual processes. Having all of our People Information in one place has been a massive cost and time saver, and greatly improved our HR processes.“

Paul King, CEO Cooling Brothers Glass


The OrgView pricing model is simple and cost effective.

Contact OrgView so we can understand your requirements to get started and to give you an exact price.

This table will give you an indicative subscription fee per employee per month *

Price is based on AUD$ per employee per month. A One off set up fee applies – Contact us for more details

Minimum subscription $100 / month

* The license number is determined by the number of people loaded into OrgView

1 – 100


Per person
Per month

101 – 250


Per person
Per month

251 – 500


Per person
Per month

> 500
Contact us
to discuss

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