OrgView delivers Talent Management for Small to Big companies

Manage talent & retain the best

Understanding the talent you have within your business is powerful when you need to pinpoint those people for promotion or a project

Eliminate Excel and clutter

Eliminate clutter – introduce order

Deliver immediate benefits to the business with people data being stored in one place – eliminate the need to store data in spreadsheets, pdf, paper and in your head

Powerful and meaningful reporting and insights into your people

Powerful analytics and reporting

Data is Data – but turning data to information to allow informed decisions to be made can be a game changer

No infrastructure costs - in the Cloud or on-premisis

One place anytime and anywhere

Access to all your people information all the time and anywhere – on the cloud or in your business


connecting you to your people information

a simple yet powerful and intelligent HR solution for managing people information


Information about people, skills, compliances, teams and projects – brought together in real time for ease of use

Some businesses have multiple systems and manual processes; and some none, to capture, manage and present data and information to decision makers about their people. Key areas such as Talent Management, HR Optimisation, Workforce Optimisation and Organisational Change are major challenges to business.

Managers, HR and employees are spending considerable amounts of time sourcing and managing information about people from varied and dated sources.

Our unique system captures multiple streams of important business information from a variety of sources. This agile, cloud enabled or on-premises solution simplifies accessing the core elements of your business – your people.

OrgView presents your data in a brand new way. OrgView has the power to utilise your company’s existing people data, and present it in a way which simplifies managing your business.



OrgView is an efficient and cost effective solution to meet the challenges of delivering day-to-day HR management.
Talent Management
HR Optimisation  
Compliant Workforce  
Workforce Optimisation  
Document Management  
Up to date Organisation chart  
Centralised Organisation Data  
Connects People & Teams  
Easy to Use  
Manage your teams  
Monthly Subscriptions  
Visibility of Data  
Cloud or Internal Based  

Give the business a way to manage talent – at a click

Simple yet powerful solution for managing and capturing all skills and compliances for your people and positions.

Enable the business to upload any document related to skills and compliances – saving time when you need to access them.

Capture all notes about performance in one-easy to access place.

Immediately identify skills gaps in your organisation to enable managers to focus on learning and development to allow your people to grow.

Identify people to fill any position from within your organisation, potentially saving you thousands of dollars with unnecessary recruitment.

Allow the HR Team to return to strategic value-creating HR work

Your HR Team should be focussed on providing Strategic, tactical and operational HR planning linked to business outcomes. Time spent sourcing the data needed by all levels of the business is non-productive and costly.

Provide the means for HR to work with the business to source the “people information” that adds value.

Know that your Workforce are compliant – always

What would it mean to your business if someone was found to be non-compliant while they were working? Do you know at any one time, if your workforce are compliant?

OrgView provides an easy to manage solution for setting up all compliances and alert notifications required by the business.

Coupled with the reporting that provides instant visibility of non-compliances and follow up action, ensure your workforce hold the required compliances and competencies to do their jobs – safely.

Increase productivity of your business

On average, over 15% of the day is wasted sourcing, collating and manipulating data to provide information to decision makers.

Provide your business with advanced search capability across people, positions and groups providing a means to get information with a few clicks

Access to the data that you need to manage your people

Automated organisation charting in real-time

When you need to present an organisation chart, it is never up to date.

OrgView delivers far more than just a simple static org chart, but it eliminates a constant pain for the business that needs to present their organisation chart.

Build a culture where new people can see and learn “who’s who in the zoo”.

Move to a paperless process for people and position documents

Have controlled and immediate access to all relevant documents.

Link any file or note to a person or position, greatly reducing the wasted time, effort and money in having to source inaccessible documents in filing cabinets or file servers.

Eliminate the need to capture data in spreadsheets

OrgView offers secure, dynamic, configurable and easy to use data entry forms to capture data and information about your people and positions.

OrgView can also work directly with ERPs, HRMS and other systems to centralise your information, eliminating the need to manage multiple sources. Consolidate your people data into one system – reducing license costs to multiple unconnected systems.

Connects People & Teams

Builds a culture of getting to know your people

Allows your business to consolidate data into one system – reducing license costs to other systems

Designed for simplicity

Your time is precious and systems should be fast, intuitive and simple to use.

We have taken time to test and improve the workflow and simplicity of OrgView to reduce the need for training, so new and existing staff can hit the ground running.

OrgView also comes with a video help library to demonstrate the use of each feature.

At a Click – know who is in any business critical team

Who is your ‘current’ First Aid Officer; who is on the Disaster Recovery Team; do we have a car-pooling group?

How every many teams or groups you have within your business, OrgView provides a simple and effective way to get to know your teams.

Ideal for emerging to established businesses

OrgView is readily adaptable to changing business circumstances.

If you have 10 or 10,000 people, OrgView is ideal for small, mid-tier and large organisations.

Ideal of NFP organisations that might have 10 employees but 100’s of volunteers or people associated with the business.

Data safe and secure

OrgView has been designed with the highest level role based security following current business practices of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and enforced strong passwords.

Comprehensive Administration functions allow you to show only the data needed by your people.

Cost effective for any type of organisation

The simple monthly subscription fee means that there is no need for large capital expense.

Every month, know that your people data is being managed without the infrastructure hassle; backups; updates and the rest.

Visualising information for engagement

In a controlled and secure manner, present people information and data to the business.

Allowing your business to receive information and view data, allows data issues and information gaps to be addressed before they become a problem.

Access information you need – anytime and anywhere

OrgView can be deployed in the Cloud or on premise.

The Cloud option means there are no on premise servers and hardware setup, which greatly reduce your running costs.

“OrgView has become our HR System eliminating countless spreadsheets and manual processes. Having all of our People Information in one place has been a massive cost and time saver, and greatly improved our HR processes.“ Paul King, CEO Cooling Brothers Glass


The OrgView pricing model is simple and cost effective.

Contact OrgView so we can understand your requirements to get started and to give you an exact price.

This table will give you an indicative subscription fee per employee per month *

Price is based on AUD$ per employee per month. A One off set up fee applies – Contact us for more details

Minimum subscription $100 / month

* The license number is determined by the number of people loaded into OrgView

1 – 1,000

1,000 – 5,000

> 5,000

$2 – $3

per person per month

$1 – $2

per person per month

Contact us to discuss

Talent Management, HR Optimisation, Workforce Optimisation, People Information through a Cost Effective Cloud Based HR Solution

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